Vít Mareš

is a designer, researcher and consultant, focusing on sustainable solutions, systems and transformative changes both online and offline.
LocationÚstí n. L.

The experimental symposium-cruise held near a non-navigable section of the river Labe. The project emphasised the potentials of communication and infrastructure in a fluid environment. Various guest researchers were invited to play a key role in expanding our imagination about both local and more complex problems. A video documentary of the symposium was captured on an iPhone by Vojtěch Petřina and Petr Michal.\nCrew: Dílna u Pavouka (Adéla Bierbaumer, Marek Fanta), StonyTellers (Jana Mikle and Tania Nikkulina), Martina Johnová, Magdaléna Gurská, Jan Hrubeš. The project was consulted with Roman Novotný.

LocationMšeno, Kadov, Pelhřimov and more

For the past couple of years, we have been initiating community events, workshops and small summer schools for friends, colleagues, and ex-schoolmates. Our aim is to spend time in nature and work together to organise microprojects such as temporary installations, collective cooking, recitation and contemplative walks through the landscape. Through observing our surroundings, we try to learn about the natural environment around us, while getting to know each other better.