Vít Mareš

is a designer, researcher and consultant, focusing on sustainable solutions, systems and transformative changes both online and offline.
Guest Lectures

The creation of a visual identity for two series of guest lectures held by Photo FAMU. The first visuals tested the limits of technically produced text in graphics. A series of posters was created by a sketching robot, each piece an original. The second series experimented with the idea of "blending the borders of photography and graphic design". A series of video posts displayed the glitches and blures of grid typographies. Technical support: Martin Dedek. Created at the Studio of New Media at FAMU, Prague. The Guest Lectures were initiated by Hynek Alt. Custom typography and lettering were used.

Guest Lectures I., posters done by sketching robot developed by Martin Dedek

Guest Lectures II., IG posts stressing the moire glitch